Some previous and ongoing projects —

Admin tools, Yapily

In house tooling for managing services & registrations

Console Yapily

Fintech client console for managing features for their financial applications.

Open banking demo

A demo created to show off the capabilities of Yapily’s financial API services. A user can easily grant permission for the app to access multiple bank accounts. The app can then aggregate and categorise income and spending allowing you to see how you spend you money. The user can also customise & save the colours […]

IRGC map timeline

40 years of activity by IRGC mapped and logged by the Tony Blair Institute.

HFM Dashboard

Web application were paid subscribers can customise different data and news feeds on their personal dashboard.

Covid article timeline

Timeline of content for the The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change during the COVID 19 pandemic

Pageant Media

Pageant Media Design system

Research and prototyping a tool that uses a vanilla base of styles, functions & components which are then distributed throughout all of their products. The base can have updates & new components added which are then re-absorbed into each products’ own variations.


Social Market Foundation, Think tank website.


Large Higher Education resource & News site. Website, Events pages & sales, Memberships features, HTML email campaigns & templates.

2AM showreel emails

Custom showreels created in WordPress admin with existing content. Then HTML email version sent to clients via Campaign Monitor’s API.


Higher Education event website 2019

Re-form Architects

Architect’s website

Penoyre & Prasad

Large architects website


Video production company website with Integrate Vimeo API and Campaign Monitor API.

Alison Brooks Architects

Leading architects company

Wonkfest 2018

Higher Education event website 2018


Responsive website for a sustainability company.